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You should get your forklifts ready for the cold and hard circumstances that can reduce their efficiency as winter approaches. Your forklift fleet’s safety and productivity in the harsh winter months depend on your diligent maintenance throughout the season. Here at Advanced Rental, we know how crucial it is to have well-maintained forklifts, which is why we work so hard to meet all of our customers’ needs. To assist you face the challenges of winter, we’ve put together this blog post with some helpful advice on forklift maintenance.

Routine Checkups

Forklifts should be thoroughly checked before the arrival of winter. Inspect the unit for any obvious evidence of damage, wear, or other problems. Inspect the brakes, tires, and electrical components thoroughly. Take care of any issues quickly so that you don’t have any breakdowns during winter.

Caring for Your Tires

Tires on a forklift are essential for safety and performance reasons. Forklift operation can be more hazardous on icy and slippery terrain during the winter. Change to winter tires if you frequently drive in snow or ice. Also, check the tire pressure regularly; driving with underinflated tires decreases traction and raises the probability of an accident.

Fluids and Lubricants

Forklift performance can be negatively impacted by cold weather because of the thickening of lubricants and hydraulic fluids. Check that your hydraulic fluids are suitable for use in cold temperatures and that all grease spots are properly lubricated. Frozen fluids can be avoided with regular monitoring and maintenance.

Checking the Batteries

The performance and lifespan of forklift batteries are both negatively impacted by the cold. Make sure batteries are always charged and kept in a cool, dry place. To guarantee a fully charged battery is available at all times, set up a battery rotation plan.

Methods for Starting Up in the Cold

Create a separate starting technique for use in the cold. Allowing the engine to run at idle for a few minutes prior to usage is one possible method for doing this. Wait for the forklift to reach its optimal working temperature before making any rapid movements or loading it with large objects.

Technician Instruction

Forklift drivers need extensive training, but this is especially true in the cold. Make sure your drivers are familiar with the proper procedures to follow in the event of an emergency, as well as how to handle slippery conditions, when working in the cold. Get them to come forward as soon as they notice a problem.

Urgent Help Needed

Even with preventative measures and regular servicing, malfunctions are possible. Advanced Rental really distinguishes out in this regard. We guarantee to either fix or replace any of our rented forklifts that suddenly cease working or become disabled within one hour. As a result, you may expect little in the way of downtime and maximum output from your activities.


Maintaining your rental fleet’s forklifts through the winter is essential to keeping them in top shape and operating safely and efficiently throughout the harsh winter months. We at Advanced Rental know how important it is to have functional equipment, which is why we offer a one-hour repair or replacement guarantee. You can trust that your forklifts will function at peak efficiency all winter long if you follow the advice in this article and work with Advanced Rental. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help with your forklift rental needs all year long.

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